MVC w/Entrapment - Goldsboro Road

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Station 700 along with PM16 was alerted for MVC w/Entrapment at 1442hrs. 715 (J.T.Bartz) responded POV due the location of the incident. 715 arrived with a status of one SUV overturned checking on entrapment, and established Goldsboro Road command. Command advised there was one patient still in the vehicle and asked for airbags to be dispatched, station 400 (Ridgely) was alerted. R700 responded with a crew of 6. E702 responded with crew of 5 (D.Wothers), B705 with 2 (B.Cahall). P791 was first to arrive, started pt. care of the 5 of the victims. Command requested 2 additional BLS units, alerting 400, 56 (Marydel). E405 reponded with 6 (J.Ebling). R700 and E702 went to work stabilizing and extricating the patient for the vehicle. E405 crew assisted with extrication. Patient was removed in 20 mins. placed situation under control. A492 transported one patient to Kent General Hospital BLS, PM16 transported one AlS. Command cancelled all equipment returned at 1523hrs.

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